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Choose your UK Phone Number, FAX or VOIP Number.
Divert your UK phone number to your existing phone lines.
Target UK Customers Geo-Graphically or Nationally.
Call Forwarding, Diverts, Voice Mail and more!

Enter dialing code (e.g. 0800, 0207) or city name below to get number.


Choose a number range
- National Number
- Local Area Number
- Personal Number

Choose a phone number
You can choose a regular number or a gold number that is easy to remember

Add call handling
You can add, voicemail, fax to email, switchboard and call hunting

Checkout & setup
Activate and divert to phone, fax, mobile or voip server. Change diverts anytime 24/7

Available Virtual UK Number Ranges:

Central London office area code (0207)
Give clients the impression that you are based in the prestigious Central London (0207), but divert the calls to your phone elsewhere in the UK or abroad. read more

Other geographic area dialing code numbers (e.g. 0161, 0121)
Get a number in your own UK city, town or region or setup a virtual office number in a specific UK geographic location and forward the calls to your existing phone, fax, mobile or VoIP trunk/server lines. read more

National, non-geographic numbers, free for clients to call you
If you would like the phone to start ringing, then why not make it free for clients to call you? read more

Earn revenue when clients call your number
Perfect if you're cautious about costs. Choose a 'national company' style number - that will help to pay for itself. read more

Earn a small share of revenue when clients call your number
Keep it affordable for clients calling you, by using 0845 national, non-geographic UK numbers, clients get billed about the same as a local phone call. read more

Cheap-to-call numbers
Cheap-to-call national UK phone numbers, without regional bias in call charges to callers. read more

Earn a sizable revenue share from calls to your number
Calls are charged at "peak time" rates regardless of the time of day, you get paid a share of the call fees generated. read more

Divert to local UK landlines and many international landlines
Perfect for business people or important employees in the UK or overseas, with free diversions to landlines in many countries. read more

Divert to UK Mobiles, UK Landlines & many international landlines
Ideal for people on the move or employees 'in the field', with free call forwarding to UK landlines, UK mobiles and landlines in over 180 countries. read more

Divert to both UK & many international landlines & mobiles
Forward phone calls to UK landlines and mobile phones, up to 180 International landlines, and over 40 International mobile destinations for free.. read more

Easy to remember numbers
Choose an easy to remember phone number that will stick in peoples heads without needing a pen and paper. Clients will be more likely to call you if they can remember your number! read more

Get Your Own UK Number in minutes!!

Choose a geo-graphic, local area UK number if you want to appear to be located in one specific city or area or choose a non-geographic, national UK number if you would like to give the impression that you are a big nationwide company. You can also choose a free personal UK number and change diverts as required. We offer our clients their own choice of numbers in the following UK number ranges:

0207 NumberGet a 0207 Central London UK Number UK Local NumberGet a UK Local number: Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, & many more regional area codes... 0800 NumberGet a 0800 Freefone number, Toll Free for your clients to call you! 0844 NumberGet a 0844 number 0845 NumberGet a 0845 number

0870 NumberGet a 0870 number 0871 NumberGet a 0871 number 07-K NumberGet a 07 D-rate number 07-D NumberGet a 07 K-rate number 07-PN2 NumberGet a 07 PN2-rate number

Pick a regular phone number or buy a gold number if you want an easily memorable number for your clients.

The numbers come with call forwarding standard, but you can add additional call handling services that you want per number such as, voicemail, fax to email, call hunting, switchboard and more. You can also change your call plan if you expect high call volumes.

Once your number is activated simply log in and select how you want your calls to be handled. Set diverts, change call handling and add services anytime online through the website control panel!

Get a UK Phone Number

Virtual UK Phone Numbers

Choose your virtual UK phone number and divert it to any of the following:

About Virtual Phone Numbers

Your virtual number can create the impression that you would like to give clients about your company. Use geo-graphic (local area numbers) or non-geographic numbers to target people either in your own region or nationally. You can divert calls to local or international destinations and change where the calls get diverted to anytime 24/7, so no matter where you are clients can reach you.
We also offer a range of call handling add on's that include; call forwarding, voicemail, call hunt, fax to email, human answering services, divert using VoIP and virtual switchboard that can be used to handle all you incoming call requirements. Gold numbers are available for those companies that would like to have a phone or fax number that is very easy for clients to remember.

    Inbound Call Handling Options:

  • Call Forwarding
    Forward your UK phone number calls to your fixed phone line or fax line at your office or your home or divert to your mobile phone locally or internationally via PSTN or VoIP. Read more
  • Voicemail
    Don't miss any business if you are busy in a meeting, simply let your voicemail handle your messages. You can even retrieve your voicemail online via your email! Read more
  • Call Hunting
    If your number is not answered within the specified amount of rings, the call will be diverted to another phone number you have specified. Read more
  • Fax to Email
    Use you current fax number and machine or receive your UK faxes in your email inbox, access via your email from anywhere online. Read more
  • Virtual Switchboard
    Use the virtual switchboard for your UK number to direct your calls as you choose. Tone driven menus and pre-recorded information can save your staff time! Read more
  • Pro Voiceover
    Have a Professional voice artist record your messages and voice prompts for you, so that you always greet your clients professionally.. Read more
  • Live Phone Answering Service
    A live phone answering service. The professional human operator will take a message and email/sms you the details for you so your clients don't deal with a machine. Read more
  • UK Phone Number Porting
    Keep your existing phone number when you move by porting to a virtual UK phone number. Simply divert calls to your new number! Read more

Other UK Virtual Number Features:

UK Virtual Office Presence
Use a virtual DID (direct inward dialing) number forwarded to your phone almost anywhere! People think you are in the UK.

Online Web Control
Simply logon and change your diverts and call handling in real time, anytime, anywhere 24/7!

World Class Support
95% of support calls are answered within 4 rings - normally by an expert support agent who's able to resolve any of your issues.

Instant Activation
Activate you number instantly now! Order online and use your credit card to get your number up and running in a few minutes!

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